Philippines' city councilor: No more 'messy' cabling

    April 10, 2014 3:00 PM by Matt Vincent
    In the Philippines' Davao City, councilor Leonardo Avila III is reportedly drafting an ordinance that will address the municipality's "messy" electric and communication cables . Speaking in a recent public forum, Avila said that salient features of a new ordinance will be a provision for underground cabling and requiring buildings to have a service entrance for communication cables.

    Avila, who also chairs the city's Committee on Transportation and Communication, noted that current building permit requirements in Davao specify only a service entrance for electric cables. "The service entrance for communication cables will be a new requirement for acquiring a building permit," he added.

    The newly mandated service entrance will serve as a point of entry for communication cables, which will be connected to service equipment. Users can then connect to the equipment by connecting to an outlet that is connected to the service equipment. "This will benefit the establishment because they do not have to install a lot of cables but instead they can just connect to the outlet," said Avila.

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    The service entrance for communication cables will be required for new buildings; older buildings will be given a grace period of two to three years to adopt the new service entrance.

    The new draft ordinance also initially includes provisions for underground cabling, including right-of-way and its importance for future city planning. "The underground cabling [provision] will be mainly for electric distribution and communication companies," Avila stated. He also explained that use of underground cabling will lessen the number of utility poles located throughout the city. When passed into law, the new measure will allow one pole per a specified area.

    Avila said his committee is currently preparing a report for the new city ordinance, after having studied similar ordinances, such as those in the Philippines' Tagum City and Cagayan de Oro City. "We expect that the ordinance will be passed this year," he concluded.

    Source:  SunStar (Phillippines)

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