Fire-rated pathway now holds more cables, performs better

Without any additional materials or actions, the EZ-Path Series 44+ achieves an L rating less than 1.

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The EZ-Path Series 44+ fire-rated cable pathway from Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) provides more cable capacity, better performance and the ability to be used on thicker walls than the original EZ-Path Series 44 did.

The thicker-wall capability is accomplished via an extension module, which is an optional item that extends the pathway's length by 6 inches. In the image at the bottom of this page, the extension module is shown with its lid open.

Performance increases are realized in the pathway's L rating (for smoke leakage) and T rating (for thermal performance). According to STI's executive vice president Jim Stahl, the 44+ has an L rating less than 1 when it is empty. That, he says, is the best rating possible. Furthermore, he says, with other fire-rated pathways users must install additional materials or close sleeves in order to achieve such a rating.

Increasing capacity for cable was the first improvement that STI made when developing the EZ-Path Series 44+. As many as 240 Category 5e cables could fit into the original; the 44+ can accommodate over 10 percent more than that in the same footprint. Any system components used with the original Series 44 will work with the 44+, and the two systems can be ganged together.

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