Web seminar examines preterminated fiber-optic cabling systems

FOA president Jim Hayes will describe proper design, acceptance and installation methods, and discuss the expanding environments benefiting from preterm cabling’s efficiencies.

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In a web-delivered seminar hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Fiber Optic Association president Jim Hayes will examine the benefits, requirements, practicalities and uses of preterminated fiber-optic cabling systems. Titled “Best Practices for Deploying Preterminated Fiber-Optic Systems,” the seminar will be held live on Thursday, September 18 at 1pm EDT and last approximately one hour. After its live broadcast, the seminar will be available for on-demand viewing for six months.

In describing the seminar’s theme and content, Cabling Installation & Maintenance said, “The popularity of preterminated fiber-optic systems continues to rise, as network owners realize the multidimensional benefits of these cabling systems in several environments. Whether it is between servers inside a data center or between wireless towers outdoors, a preterminated fiber-optic cabling system offers efficiency in the fiber-connectivity process. These systems, however, do require careful forethought, planning, acceptance and, yes, installation. This webcast seminar describes the requirements and best practices of deploying preterminated or ‘prefabricated’ fiber-optic cabling. It covers the necessities of acceptance inspection, cleaning and testing, as well as proper design and installation techniques. The seminar provides up-to-date information on the deployment and use of preterminated cabling systems in a number of environments, including fiber-to-the-antenna and data centers.”

You can find more information on the seminar, its speaker, and its sponsors here. You can register for the seminar here.

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