Ethernet switches use existing wiring to bring VoIP, Wi-Fi to challenging environments

Adtran expands its ActivReach Ethernet switch line with the release of the NetVanta 1235P.

As an expansion to its ActivReach product line, Adtran (NASDAQ: ADTN) has released its NetVanta 1235P Ethernet switch. The company says the NetVanta 1235P is purpose-built to speed VoIP deployments, delivering 10/100 Mbps voice, data and PoE over legacy voice-grade wiring.

Specifically designed for voice applications, the company says use of the NetVanta 1235P Ethernet switch can reduce disruption, cost and network downtime; as a result, businesses, hosted service providers and value-added resellers can quickly and easily provide enhanced VoIP applications including unified communications and Wi-Fi. Adtran contends that while many businesses, regardless of their networking environment, are looking to deploy bandwidth-rich business-class IP services -- such as high-definition voice and video communications -- to enable a more collaborative and productive environment, running new Ethernet cabling can represent a cost barrier and construction obstacle -- especially in aged or historic buildings.

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The company says its ActivReach technology eliminates these concerns by utilizing existing cabling (CAT5, CAT3 or legacy copper) for immediate, cost-effective VoIP deployments. In addition, the ActivReach technology extends Ethernet reach up to 488 meters (1600 ft.), allowing networks requiring long cable runs to deploy a single switch to serve a wider service area. When compared to traditional technology that only reaches 100 meters and requires expensive repeaters to extend reach, Adtran contends that its ActivReach technology can provide significant savings in infrastructure costs and network management resources.

Specific features and benefits of the new NetVanta 1235P Ethernet switch with ActivReach technology include: 28 Ethernet ports with support for Layer 2/3-lite switching; 24 copper ports supporting both standard 10/100 and ActivReach Ethernet technology; four Gigabit SFP uplink ports (two Standard SFP ports capable of 1 Gbps operation and two enhanced SFP ports capable of up to 2.5 Gbps operation); VoIP-ready with support for LLDP/LLDP-MED and voice VLANS; and support for IEEE 802.3af PoE, legacy PoE and PoE over ActivReach.

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