Evaporative-cooling unit for telecom rooms, small server rooms

EcoCooling says its 15kW unit requires only 400W of electricity to remove 15kW of heat and remains efficient at small loads.


A 15kW evaporative-cooling unit now available from EcoCooling is “ideal for the telecom room and small server rooms, which have historically been some of the most expensive locations to cool due to the highly inefficient and often unsuitable refrigeration cooling units deployed,” the company said when announcing the unit.

EcoCooling’s managing and technical director Alan Beresford said, “Small office-type air conditioners have been used to cool areas such as telecom rooms and small server rooms, but these are not really suited to cooling IT equipment and can be very inefficient. Refrigeration coolers naturally use a lot of energy and, in fact, office-type coolers simply aren’t designed to deal with the high levels of concentrated heat produced by modern servers, routers and switches.”

The company further pointed out that often, removing 15Kw of heat from a server room using refrigeration coolers requires another 15kW of electricity. “The new EcoCooling evaporative cooler requires a mere 400 watts to remove 15kW of heat,” the company said. “This can save over £10,000 per year in cooling costs.”


EcoCooling further stated that, unlike refrigeration-based coolers, the 15kW evaporative-cooling unit maintains high efficiency at low loads. “5kW of cooling will require less than 50W of electricity,” the company noted. The new unit does not require an external condenser, and is a self-contained unit that measures 1.4x0.9x1.9m.

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