Ultra-low latency wireless broadband network connects NYSE, Equinix data centers

NexxCom Wireless launching ultra-low latency wireless broadband service between Secaucus and Mahwah, NJ.

Carrier-class telecom provider NexxCom Wireless announced its launch of an ultra low latency wireless broadband network connecting the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) data center in Mahwah, New Jersey, and the Equinix NY4 Datacenter in Secaucus, New Jersey. NexxCom reports that its was able to register and secure the only two sets of available microwave frequencies between the two critical data centers, ensuring the rapid deployment of highly reliable ultra low latency wireless connections between the two end points.

The network, consisting of two circuits, each at 100-Mbps, provides a vital link for latency sensitive trading. The first 100-Mbps circuit has already been fully subscribed and the second 100-Mbps circuit is available now for early commitments by interested customers and can be secured in bandwidths as low as 10-Mbps. The circuit will be ready for service on or before August 2014, and special incentives are available now on a first-come first-serve basis.

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"The market has been demanding an ultra low latency network between these two critical trading centers for some time and NexxCom has been diligently focused on designing and implementing this important path to ensure both lowest possible latency and carrier-class availability,” comments S. Jay Lawrence , CEO of NexxCom Wireless. “Our proprietary wireless networking technology has significantly reduced latency between these critical locations and reduces the current alternate technology offerings by approximately 250µS.”

NexxCom says the service is based on the same design rules and underlying proprietary network technologies that have outperformed in all critical performance areas, including latency and availability, throughout the United States and Europe. “Our current operating networks have a 36 month history of uptime measured at 99.93% availability – this includes the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy which negatively impacted the uptime of other network providers.”

“In addition to connectivity to NYSE Mahwah, trading firms are demanding more robust circuits between all of the relevant exchanges and colocation facilities in New Jersey,” adds Lawrence. To meet their demands for ultra low latency and high availability, NexxCom is expanding its existing ‘private client’ networks with shared bandwidth networks. This will provide full interconnectivity between Secaucus, Mahwah, Carteret and Weehawken, New Jersey. These circuits will also be available on or before August 2014, says the provider.

For more information, visit www.nexxcomwireless.com.

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