Upsite’s modular aisle-containment system shipping

AisleLok is a self-installable containment solution announced earlier this year.


The AisleLok Modular Containment system from Upsite Technologies—announced at the Data Center World conference and exposition in April—is now shipping. Upsite says the system “has successfully improved the airflow conditions at a number of early-adopter data centers.

“Since no custom construction is required, the sites have experience no disruption, while saving valuable time,” the company continued. It pointed out Sandia National Labs as one such user. “I always like to be aware of new solutions that enter the market, and see how they can solve my problems differently than what’s currently available,” said Sandia’s Dave Martinez. After testing the system, Upsite says, Sandia ordered several pairs of doors and began using them on hot-spot problems areas throughout the room.

Lars Strong, senior engineer with Upsite Technologies, added, “AisleLok Modular Containment has been designed specifically to improve the airflow performance in both existing and new data centers without disruption. We are delighted with the initial installation results of AiseLok Modular Containment, which have led to significant improvements in cooling capacity and a savings in energy consumption.”


The system’s main components are the Rack Top Baffle and the Bi-Directional Doors; a Rack Gap Panel is optional. “The Rack Top Baffle can be purchased in either a 30-degree angle (from horizontal) position or in a vertical 90-degree angle (from horizontal) position,” the company explained. “Both components attach directly to the racks magnetically. The open-sealing design prevents aisle over-pressurization, and its elegant appearance brings professional aesthetic to the facility.”

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