Raised-floor sealer increases energy efficiency

January 6, 2009 -- By reducing bypass airflow, the grommet can significantly impact cooling effectiveness in the data center.

The KoldLok Mini Raised Floor Grommet is designed to seal smaller cable holes, reduce bypass airflow and increase energy efficiency. Featuring brush closures that surround and protect cables, the KoldLok Mini Raised Floor is designed to effectively seal cable holes as small as 4 x 6 inches to reduce bypass airflow around cables in access floor environments.

By decreasing bypass airflow, the KoldLok Mini can significantly impact the cooling effectiveness of the data center by preventing cold supply air from mixing with hot exhaust air via unsealed cable holes. The patent-pending KoldLok Mini meets smaller cable hole standards specified in new data center builds, and is designed to provide flexibility for data centers with multiple cable openings.

It is made with fire-rated resin and filaments that meet UL94 V0 standards. Two styles are available: one that can dissipate static charges through treated brush filaments, and one that employs standard untreated brush filaments.

Offered by Chatsworth Products Inc.

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