10 cable-management commands

A tongue-in-cheek list of "Thou shalt ..." requirements from CableOrganizer.com is a good reminder of cable-management best practices.

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, CableOrganizer.com established a "10 Commandments" list of cable-management musts and must-nots. All 10 directives begin with "Thou shalt," with most telling cabling-plant managers what they should do while a few direct the reader to "not" or "never" undertake certain activities.

We won't simply copy-and-paste the list of 10 here because it is the original work of the folks at CableOrganizer. But you should know:

The list is meant as a promotional tool. It includes links to information on some of the cable-management products sold through CableOrganizer.com. Even so, it is worth a read even for veterans who can't be hurt by best-practice reminders.

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