Nut enhances trapeze-style cable management

The hardware, installed on threaded rod, is stronger than the rod itself.

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What a nut.

The SN series nut from ERICO, part of its Caddy fastener and support line of products, enhances trapeze-style cable management by virtue of its easy installation. According to ERICO, the SN series nut "can be positioned instantly on threaded rod at any location, helping to significantly reduce installation time."

The company says an installer just needs to open the nut and insert it on the threaded rod where needed, then twist it closed and tighten with a wrench. "Because the SN series nut can be added to existing applications, it is ideal for use on a wide variety of retrofit projects, including trapeze installations," ERICO says. The nut is designed to reduce the need for threading and the company says it has a load rating stronger than the threaded rod itself.

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