Wright Line

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Wright Line is a recognized leader in providing innovative airflow
management solutions for data centers. The company helps customers
conserve capital, meet evolving business goals, address sustainable energy
needs and adhere to technology requirements. Wright Line's scalable
solutions – including its patented Heat Containment SystemTM which can
reduce energy costs up to 35% annually – focus on an overall approach to
handling data center environmental operations, including the efficient
management of existing cooling, power distribution and cabling
infrastructure while optimizing data center airflow. This approach provides
the flexibility to implement incremental IT equipment additions, without
investing in additional infrastructure.

Professional services include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling
that constructs a virtual representation of your data center, modeling the
impact of load distribution within the facility as well as the flow of hot
and cold air within the space. CFD modeling is essential for fine tuning
your current facility to optimize its efficiency, and can demonstrate how
to increase your rack densities and server installations without creating
additional hot spot and airflow issues.

The company, headquartered in Worcester, MA, can be contacted by email at
info@wrightline.com or by phone, 800.225.7348.

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