The FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Pro is the industry’s most efficient MPO inspection solution. Start with an instant view of the entire fiber endface using the Live View feature. Then use the simple gesture-based interface to zoom in on each fiber or perform an automated PASS/FAIL analysis in seconds. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable even when inspecting hundreds of bulkheads and cables. Choose from two user interface and reporting methods. First, the iOS/Android app allows you to inspect your MPO installation using your phone and easily share their inspection results via text or even social media. Second, pair the FiberInspector with Versiv Cabling Certification System using its user interface and industry-leading LinkWare™ reporting system. With Versiv and LinkWare you can test copper, fiber loss, OTDR and inspection and combine the results into one complete report*. *Available second half 2019