OptiFiber® Pro OTDR Fiber Optic Tester with SmartLoop™ Bi-Directional Averaging

Test fiber right and fast. SmartLoop™ tests two fibers in both directions, and averages the measurements as required by TIA-568.3-D in seconds - without taking the OTDR to the far end. For more information visit http://www.flukenetworks.com/datacom-cabling/fiber-testing/optifiber-pro-otdr Industry standards require that fiber OTDR certification be done in both directions that's because testing in just one direction can lead to false failures or even strange results like gainers. Experts know that averaging the results of bi-directional testing is the only way to get reliable accuracy but hauling your OTDR to the far end of the fiber more than doubles the time to test a cable and might prove even more costly. That's the idea behind fluke networks opt a fiver Pro OTDR with smart loop. Instead of testing two fibers independently you test them together by adding a loopback fiber between them at the far end. so now your test signal travels a length to the first fiber then loops back to travel the length of the second fiber. After the first direction, has been tested follow the prompts to swap fibers and then the test runs in the opposite direction. The smart loop algorithm calculates the average bi-directional loss for each event and displays each fiber with a simple pass or fail indication. No hauling the OTDR to the far end and no calculations required test it right and test it fast from one end with smart loop.
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