Prysmian unveils high-rise FTTx cable

Prysmian Cables & Systems ( has developed a high-rise building break-out cable...

Th 265812

Prysmian Cables & Systems ( has developed a high-rise building break-out cable, designed to provide a fast and economical method of getting fiber to the end user in multi-level FTTx deployments.

Th 265812
This break-out fiber-optic cable from Prysmian is designed to reduce space in the riser and the number of splices in the field during multi-rise FTTx installations.
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The cable has been constructed to reduce space in the riser column, reduce the number splices in the field, to have a re-enterable solution to connect the customer at a later date, and have a low visual impact in buildings having architectural value.

The company says a fiber-optic micro-sheath module is extracted from the riser cable through a small window in the outer sheath, which is cut at the building level of the customer being connected. A second window is then cut at a point several feet further down the riser. A fiber module is then cut at this second window and pulled back through the riser and extracted through the first window. The recovered length of fiber module can then be directed to the customer.

Prysmian says a dedicated set of connectivity has been developed to allow for fast installation. According to the company, “The low cost of this system is mainly due to the reduced number and length of necessary cables to connect the end user, the lower number of splices required, simplicity of the connectivity,” and the need for fewer specialized technicians.

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