Industry observer launches electrical/voice-data blog

September 28, 2005 - Joe Salimando covers electrical and voice/data contracting, distribution, and market trends in EleBlog.

Joe Salimando, who has served as editor and later publisher of Electrical Contractor magazine, has developed a Web log (blog) site devoted to the goings-on in the electrical-contracting industry. For years, Salimando has included voice, data, video, and other information-transport systems in his coverage of the contracting trade. He continues to do so with the site he calls EleBlog, which can be viewed at The site is not affiliated with Electrical Contractor magazine, the official publication of the National Electrical Contractors Association.

EleBlog provides details and occasional insight on such topics as electrical construction and contractors; electrical products for manufacturing, distribution, and marketing; customer trends; industry data; and data-communications and intelligent buildings.

Visitors can choose to sign up for occasional e-mails notifying them of new information posted on the site. They also can comment on individual posts, download files not easily found elsewhere, and access links to industry resources.

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