Report: Subscriber interest in in-flight wireless voice and data services is growing

Feb. 2, 2005 - Roster of airlines that would offer wireless LAN services is expected to grow, too.

Subscriber interest in world phones and in-flight wireless voice and data services is strong, according to a proprietary survey conducted by In-Stat .

That's good news for the wireless industry, which is looking to these areas for additional growth during the next few years. World phones are somewhat established, but in-flight wireless services are just getting underway.

In-flight wireless LAN services were launched in 2004 on Lufthansa, and the roster of airlines offering such services is expected to grow quickly during the next few years. Additionally, early trials of in-flight cellular voice and data services have yielded positive results in 2004, and the industry expects cellular service based on picocells and other technologies to take wing in 2006.

In-Stat has also found that:

* In the survey, 44.2% of participants were interested in in-flight wireless services, with about half of them willing to pay a premium price,
* World phones have become increasingly common, especially among GSM subscribers. Combination CDMA/GSM world phones are a newer phenomenon, but the market is beginning to grow more rapidly,
* Among professional groups, sales/marketing and consulting/research professionals were the most interested in world phones.

The report, "Have Wireless, Will Travel: World Phones and In-Flight Wireless Services," provides profiles of wireless subscribers' travel patterns, with a focus on international travel.

In-Stat is based in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information visit

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