Plenum fiber-optic cable has non-metallic armor

Miniflex plenum from m2fx can be used in any indoor environment without the use of raceway ducting, thanks to its tough nonmetallic protective jacket.

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The Miniflex plenum fiber-optic cable from m2fx has a flexible, hard-plastic jacket that provides protection for the optical fibers without the use of a metal armor, its manufacturer says.

The cable is available in 4mm PVDF, m2fx says, with up to 24 singlemode or multimode fibers, optional aramid strength members and can be delivered terminated or unterminated. A 6,500-foot reel weighs 36 pounds, the company adds, saying the cable "can be used in any indoor environment even without the use of raceway ducting and is designed for standard and extreme situations which demand a stronger fiber cable in the plenum space."

m2fx's Americas president Larry Malone said, "Designers of commercial buildings and our clients that install fiber in hospitals and government buildings have been asking us to produce an indoor plenum product that provided them a fiber cable solution that was tough enough to be stapled, lightweight, maneuverable indoors, and ultra-flexible for easy routing with anti-kink properties to protect the fiber at the point of install. With Miniflex plenum cable, we know we have a game-changing cable that's full of innovation. Something that sets the standard in plenum fiber cable."

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