Pre-lubricated cables increase pulling efficiency

New video describes Windy City Wire's SmartWire Glide technology.

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A recent Youtube video describes Windy City Wire's SmartWire Glide technology, a pre-lubricated wire and cable product that aims to decrease contractors' labor costs by increasing cable pulling efficiency.

SmartWire Glide is a liquid cable pulling lubricant designed specifically for circuit sizes used in THHN, TFFN, low-voltage and communication cable installations. The non-staining lubricant has low viscosity as it coats and clings to the entire cable jacket. Windy City says the technology produces a low coefficient of friction on low-voltage and communication cable jacket materials that may reduce pulling friction by up to 70%.

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According to the company, a key feature of the lubricant is that it continues to reduce friction after it has dried. The residue that remains is that of a thin, slippery film that retains lubricity for months after use. The product conforms to the physical and performance requirements of Telcordia Standard, TR-NWT-002811, Generic Requirements for Cable Placing Lubricants; does not contain solvents; and does not have a flash point.

The lubricant is applied during the manufacturing process, which means that most of Windy City's off-the-shelf SmartWire cables include the technology.

Watch the video here.

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