Arnco expands Hydra-Seal line

June 30, 2006 -- The company has introduced a "one-step tube version" of its two-part Hydra-Seal S-60 conduit foam sealant.

Arnco Corp. recently expanded its Hydra-Seal product line with the introduction of a "one-step tube version" of its two-part Hydra-Seal S-60 "Wide Temp Foam" conduit foam sealant.

According to the company, the Hydra-Seal S-60 can be applied in two ways, using either the updated Hydra-Seal S-60 single cartridge tube using a standard caulking gun, or using a heavy-duty dispensing gun, large enough to accommodate the two cartridges.

The two-part polyurethane material rapidly expands to approximately 25 times in volume to form a strong, durable foam. Hydra-Seal S-60 is provided in a kit form, which includes a tube of sealant, a static mixing nozzle, foam donuts and disposable gloves. The redesigned Hydra-Seal S-60 kit includes a caulking gun.

According to the company, Hydra-Seal S-60 is specifically designed for the construction, telecommunications, and electrical markets to prevent the intrusion of water and gases through conduits in manholes, cable vaults and hand-holes. It's also suitable for sealing cracks in walls and filling large voids.

Partially used Hydra-Seal S-60 material can be reused by refitting the tube with a new static mixing nozzle.

"In response to the high demands from our customers, we developed this new all-in-one tube of Hydra-Seal S-60 to provide more convenience to users on the jobsite," comments Jeff Naymik, marketing manager for Arnco Corp.

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