Report: Market for Wi-Fi residential gear is undergoing massive change

Dec. 13, 2004 - Research firm says it is poised for explosive growth.

The market for Wi-Fi residential gear is undergoing massive change based on new standards, equipment, and services, and it is poised for explosive growth, according to In-Stat/MDR.

For example, the high-tech market research firm forecasts that Wi-Fi media devices will grow at a 104.7% compound annual growth rate to 44,601 total units shipped in 2008.

While certain Wi-Fi segments are on the rise, others are under assault.

"For example, legacy 802.11b Wi-Fi infrastructure and clients are nearing obsolescence and decreasing 802.11b product price points have squeezed margins across the industry," says In-Stat/MDR Director Norm Bogen.

A recent In-Stat/MDR survey also found:
* Residential Wi-Fi vendors have been focusing their product strategies on the "Wi-Fi triple play" - the delivery of bundled voice, video and data services,
* For the first time, Wi-Fi Mini PCI Cards represented the most Wi-Fi adapters shipped in 2003, displacing the former dominance of Wi-Fi PC Cards,
* Most of the Wi-Fi multimedia devices will provide support for the 802.11g standard, although a significant volume will provide support for the 802.11a/g standard, given their need for more RF channels and higher quality of service.

The report, "Residential Wireless LANs: The Wi-Fi Triple Play," contains detailed analysis and forecasts of the residential Wi-Fi equipment market including aggregators, adaptors, and clients. It also includes analysis of various residential wireless segments including phone, video, and data, and of market shares of major vendors in several categories.

In/Stat MDR is based in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information visit

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