July 11th webcast: Optical-Fiber and Fiber-Optic Cabling Developments

Jul 11th, 2019

This event was originally aired on July 11, 2019
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Approved for 1 BICSI ITS CEC*

Fiber-optic cabling has been an enabling technology for the world’s most-advanced, highest-speed networking applications. From enterprise and campus networks to data centers and outside-plant installations, fiber is the medium of choice when data is mission-critical. Providers of optical fiber, fiber-optic cable, and fiber-optic connectivity have continuously revised and improved their products to better serve the exacting demands of end-user organizations. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, examines several technological advancements that have been made to fiber-based systems. It provides detailed information on the fiber, cable, and connectivity types that are available, and describes how these fiber-based components can be incorporated into complete end-to-end systems.

Presentation: Multimode Fiber Capabilities
In an optical network, the decision between longer-wavelength, singlemode-based operation and shorter-wavelength, multimode operation typically is determined by the user’s distance and throughput-capacity requirements. Rising speeds and insatiable bandwidth consumption in many data centers have pushed networking speeds to unprecedented heights. Multimode fiber has a history of providing an economical, highly capable optical networking infrastructure for high-speed networking and short reach enterprise links. Supporting Ethernet speeds up to 400Gb/s, standards and Multi-Source Agreements (MSAs) take advantage of the low total cost and low power budget that are hallmarks of a Vertical Cavity Short-Reach Lasers (VCSEL) multimode link. This presentation will discuss the advances in multimode technology and standards, highlighting recent developments in short reach data networking.   

Presentation: Connectivity OptionsBased on recently completed and still-under-development standards for high-speed optical networking and connectivity, both duplex fiber connections and array-style fiber connections will support the needs of users into the future. This presentation explains why this is the case, and it provides detail on the fiber connectivity types (i.e. duplex LC and MPO) that will serve high-speed networking needs into the future. The presentation then describes the practicalities of building end-to-end fiber systems that can include combinations of duplex and MPO-style connections.


Tony Irujo
Sales Engineer

Jason Bautista
Solution Architect - Hyperscale and Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Moderator: Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

*The granting of 1 Continuing Education Credit for this webcast by BICSI does not imply or suggest that BICSI approves or endorses this event.

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