November 21st webcast - Physical Layer Innovations for Enhanced Network Performance

Nov 21st, 2019

Originally Aired on November 21, 2019 and Now Available for On Demand Viewing!


Approved for 1 BICSI ITS CEC*

Webcast Description:

Data consumption is increasing at the speed of light, which requires data-transmission rates to keep up. Optical fiber has expanded its reach and is a key enabler of current and future applications that will support users’ ever-increasing consumption rates. 5G is a prominent example of an application that will require a rock-solid physical-layer foundation. As connectivity demands increase, fiber-optic cabling systems must be capable of more than ever before, including: geographic reach into the pockets of a city that require fiber cable to bend and turn; the ability to support higher wavelengths, at which PON technologies operate; easy termination procedures so fiber can be installed by a less-skilled workforce; and optimized optical power budgets, at a lower cost, with greater transmission-speed capability.

To summarize, large-scale fiber rollouts mean lots of bends, a semiskilled installation workforce, and the demand for quick installation timeframes. Satisfying all these requirements is not easily accomplished, but the information delivered in this webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, is meant to help. The seminar will explain:

  • how to circumvent challenges that can be inherent when a fiber cable is bent;
  • ways to tackle deployment challenges and reduce overall costs through product miniaturization;
  • how to reduce the dependence on skilled manpower and still achieve accelerated deployment schedules; and
  • optical-technology innovations that protect the network against harsh operational conditions.             


Jitendra Balakrishnan
CTO—Connectivity Solutions
Sterlite Technologies Ltd.
Dr. Jitendra Balakrishnan is a technology executive with nearly two decades of experience in research & development, manufacturing, business development, and leadership of technology organizations. Currently, Jitendra is the Chief Technology Officer, Connectivity Solutions at Sterlite Technologies Limited.Technology innovation is at the heart of Sterlite's mission to design, build and manage smarter networks. Jitendra is driving an expansion of Sterlite's R&D in telecom products, is developing a long-term vision and roadmap for the technology unit and is integrating it with other functions within the company. Previously, Jitendra was Research Director, Innovation & Technology—Emerging Markets at Corning Inc. In this position, he founded and established Corning's R&D operations in India, which later became Corning Research Center India.

Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

*The granting of 1 Continuing Education Credit for this webcast by BICSI does not imply or suggest that BICSI approves or endorses this event.

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