August 24th Webinar: Introduction to Fault-Managed Power Systems: Revolutionizing Power Delivery for Structured Cabling

Aug. 24, 2023
An improved format of power delivery called “fault-managed power” is changing how communication systems are powered. Join experts from Belden and VoltServer for a 1-hour session on what FMP is and how you can leverage it.
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This event was originally held on August 24, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.
Sponsor: Belden & Voltserver
 1 Hour
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An improved format of power delivery called “fault-managed power” is changing how communication systems are powered. The 2023 version of the National Electrical Code (NEC) includes New Article 726, which brings Class 4 power (also called fault-managed power systems, or FMPS) into the NEC for the first time.Join Belden and VoltServer in this webinar as we provide a high-level overview of FMPS, highlighting the distinctions between Class 4 and other circuit classes, exploring the benefits of FMPS, and discussing their deployment through global standards.
Ronald Tellas
LAN Geek
Ron Tellas is a subject-matter expert in RF design and Electromagnetic Propagation and joined Belden in 2016 to help define the roadmap of technology and applications in the Smart Building. He represents Belden in the ISO WG3 committee, TIA TR42 Premises Cabling Standards and IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group and is a committee member of NFPA 70 Code-Making Panel 3 and 16. Ron is the inventor of 16 US patents.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration from Purdue University.
Stephen S. Eaves
Founder and CEO
Stephen Eaves is the founder and CEO of VoltServer and is the inventor of Digital Electricity, a new electricity format generically known as Fault Managed Power (FMP). FMP was adopted into the US National Electric Code in 2023. The company has deployed the technology in over 1,000 large venues worldwide. Steve has more than 30 years of experience innovating around electrical energy storage, distribution, and management.Steve has authored or co-authored numerous industry and peer reviewed papers related to the energy industry and is an inventor on 35 patents.
Moderator: Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

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