June 6th webcats: Edge Data Centers

Jun 6th, 2019

This webcast was originally aired on June 6th
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Webcast Description:
The characteristics that define an edge data center also inform many requirements for the infrastructure within the facility. High-speed networking, a compact footprint, little or no on-site staff, and high reliability are among the attributes of an edge data center that place exacting demands on data center systems. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, focuses on edge data centers and how, with proper knowledge and planning, administrators can meet these facilities’ needs.

Presentation: Cabling Needs for an Edge Data Center
The rapid evolution of computing at the network edge is requiring that environment design and supporting internal fiber infrastructure take into account the two- to three-year lifecycle of software-defined networking/network-function virtualization (SDN/NFV) equipment. As such, planning of the physical layer connectivity infrastructure to support future technology is essential. This presentation will cover the roadmap for multimode modular transceivers and multimode fiber cabling systems to satisfy evolving edge compute infrastructure requirements.

Presentation: Power Requirements in Edge Data Centers
Remote monitoring and access control are critical elements in data centers. Because edge data centers can reside in harsh environments where temperature and humidity are not controlled, power management and environmental monitoring provide visibility into equipment power draws, temperature, and humidity. This presentation describes how remote switching capability allows users to reboot equipment without the need for on-site personnel. It also explains how access control plays an important role in edge deployments.

Presentation: Protecting the Edge Installation
With the move to edge, a deployment could be in a single, standalone footprint or up to a few dozen footprints in an edge data center. This presentation will describe the requirements to support the edge installation with an emphasis on modularity, scalability, and flexibility. It will provide a brief overview of the infrastructure components required to support the edge installation.

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