Wireless installation tool enables network camera set-up from mobile device

The Axis T8415 Wireless Installation Tool is a battery-powered handheld device able to directly power up network cameras during installation.

Axis readies IP video technology, expertise for international security tradeshow IFSEC
Axis readies IP video technology, expertise for international security tradeshow IFSEC

From Axis Communications, the Axis T8415 Wireless Installation Tool is designed to simplify on-site installation of network cameras. Together with a streamlined and easy-to-use mobile app, the battery-powered handheld device takes advantage of the convenience and connectivity of today’s mobile devices to reduce installation time.

The Axos T8415 connects directly to a camera and displays live video at the installation site. This makes setting the camera’s viewing angle and focus easier than via the use of a laptop or remote computer. With its powerful battery, the Axis T8415 can power up an Axis PoE camera up to 30 W for several hours.

The tool’s built-in Wi-Fi function connects it within seconds to an installer's smartphone or tablet so the camera’s live view can be accessed in a convenient manner. While the camera is mounted and connected via one-cable connection to the main unit, the installer can get close to the camera with a smartphone device and adjust basic camera functions, such as focus, IP address and image rotation.

The app on the smartphone (iOS or Android) can be downloaded free-of-charge from the App Store or Google Play.

“A key benefit of IP cameras is ease of installation, and now with the Axis T8415 it becomes even easier. Installers can use their smartphones or tablets to wirelessly connect via an intuitive mobile app to the camera and manage key functions such as angle and focus,” says Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications. “Gone are the days of balancing a laptop computer on top of a ladder. With the mobile app and a powerful battery that lasts the whole day, installers will find it even easier to install an IP camera.”

A summary of the Axis T8415's other key features includes: multiple camera discovery capability, including ONVIF; WPA2 password protection; works with LAN (PC); USB charging port for handset; replaceable batteries.

The Axis T8415 Wireless Installation Tool is planned to be available in Q2 2015 through Axis’ distribution partners at a suggested retail price of $599.

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