Throw-down converter boxes integrate legacy analog equipment into digital networks

PESA's new easyPORT modules integrate analog gear into digital distribution systems.

Sep 6th, 2013
PESA easyPORT modules
PESA easyPORT modules

PESA (Huntsville, AL), a U.S.-based custom design and manufacturing company specializing professional audio-video signal distribution, has introduced four new easyPORT analog/digital multi-point utility converter/switchers that support up to four inputs. The company says the compact throw-down boxes are ideal for temporary or permanent solutions to integrate legacy analog equipment into a facility’s digital workflow.

The EASY-4ADX4B and EASY-4ADX4F deliver 10-bit conversion of composite analog video to SDI. Both accept NTSC/PAL composite inputs and feature 4x oversampling. The EASY-4BX4DA and EASY-4FX4DA allow SDI video to be converted to analog video in NTSC/PAL, with fiber or coax SDI inputs. A built-in utility switch allows full crosspoint switching for all inputs.

“There are an abundant number of analog video products still in use, and our new easyPORT modules offer a unique and cost-effective way to integrate that analog gear into digital distribution systems,” comments Dan Holland, PESA's vice president of product marketing. “Whether you need coax or fiber connectivity, easyPORT makes it a simple operation to effectively provide analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog conversion or switching.”

PESA asserts that its easyPORT modules offer significant size and power advantages over standard single-port converters, with added port options and built-in switching capabilities. For back-room installations where rack space is a premium, PESA offers a 1 RU power distribution tray that holds up to four easyPORT modules with a shared power source to reduce clutter.

Set-up for the new devices is fast and easy because each easyPORT module includes USB and Ethernet connections. Once PESA’s CATTRAX software is installed on a PC or laptop, the GUI can be used for setup, switching, or diagnostics. Learn more here.

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