Secure fiber-optics, AV systems specialist FiberPlex expands client relations team

Kyle Rosenbloom joins new FiberPlex team members Doug Schwartz and government systems expert Mitchell Abel to provide practical fiber-optic security solutions to AV integrators.

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FiberPlex's Kyle Rosenbloom

FiberPlex (Annapolis Junction, MD) , a 25-year specialist in fiber-optics communications systems technology, recently announced the appointment of pro audio industry veteran Kyle Rosenbloom as the company's Eastern Regional Client Relations executive. Rosenbloom joins new FiberPlex team members Doug Schwartz and government systems expert Mitchell Abel, as well as Bill King and Kellie Comella, to provide practical fiber-optics security solutions to AV integrators seeking to grow their businesses in the live entertainment, broadcast, recording, medical, education and other audiovisual markets.

In his new role with FiberPlex, Kyle Rosenbloom is responsible for providing secure, end-to-end AV systems for a wide variety of applications and clients. He is an Infocomm-certified Technology Specialist who has been actively involved in the pro audio and audiovisual industry for more than 18 years, with broad experience in handling AV installations for a variety of applications and markets, including houses of worship, corporate facilities, restaurants, nightclubs, retail environments and sports facilities. Rosenbloom is known for his technical acumen, practical experience, and long-standing passion for the industry, as both a trusted salesman and a friend to AV professionals, said a press release issued by the company.

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FiberPlex has been actively engaged in securing government systems for more than 25 years, and recently hired Schwartz, Rosenbloom and Abel to extend its technology to commercial sectors faced with similar security requirements. Schwartz is known in pro audio circles for his roles with New West Audio and Pacific Supply & Trading Company. Abel has 30 years of telecommunications and government experience with companies such as Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, and Boeing subsidiary DigitalXpress.

“Doug and Kyle bring almost 50 years of combined experience in the AV market," comments FiberPlex Technologies' CEO, Buddy Oliver. "Together with Mitch’s 30-plus years in government, we are able to offer integrators not only the technology they need to grow their businesses, but practical solutions that have been tested over time for hundreds of mission-critical government installations.”

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