Z-Band launches IPTV platform

The company that provides RF TV over Category cable now offers an IPTV/IP video product line.


Z-Band, the company that provides technology to deliver RF television signals over Category cabling, has launched a subsidiary Z-Band IP Systems Inc. The subsidiary has come to market with an IPTV/IP video product line that features an end-to-end enterprise IP video distribution system. “The product provides one of the lowest-latency, broadcast-quality video distribution products in the industry,” the company said when announcing it in early May.

The new IP video system “boasts a highly scalable, standards-based process to encode, decode, record, store and retrieve video, all with a user-friendly middleware platform,” the company said. It added that some of the system’s highlights are ultra-low-latency H.264 encoding appliances that offer resolution control as well as adjustable bit and frame rate; advanced decoding technology with ultra-low-latency H.264 decoding with built-in AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) decryption; the ability to transcode video sources for delivery to mobile device with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) support; and a blade-based chassis system with hot-swappable blades, AES encryption, multiple redundancy, clustering and single streaming and management.


Z-Band IP Systems also says the “ZIP Portal” middleware platform provides viewers with features such as video-on-demand and digital-video recording, as well as options like mosaic views, analytics, an electronic program guide and mobile delivery.

“The IP Systems products are fully customizable to work in hybrid environments with Z-Band’s RF Distribution System and other third-party IP video devices,” the company concluded.

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