Megapixel cameras a key facet of facial-recognition system

Samsung's megapixel cameras have been incorporated into FaceFirst's facial-recognition system.

Biometric-technology provider FaceFirst is teaming with Samsung Techwin America to incorporate Samsung’s megapixelvideo-surveillance cameras into FaceFirst’s facial recognition system. “The FaceFirst product platform uses the Samsung cameras to complement its proprietary facial-recognition software system,” Samsung announced. “Facial images captured by the cameras are automatically matched with watch-list photos and when a person of interest is identified, alerts are instantly sent directly to preprovisioned computers, cell phones or cash registers.”

FaceFirst’s director of business development Joseph Saad explained, “By leveraging Samsung’s powerful megapixel imaging technology with FaceFirst’s expertise in software development and integration, the FaceFirst platform is primed to detect and defeat potentially dangerous or criminal activities.”

Users of the FaceFirst system can select the facial databases of their choice and a web-based portal enables them to self-provision biometric enrollments, alerting and notification preferences. The companies say users with little or no training can navigate the process successfully. They add that the system identifies individuals matching client records at a rate of millions of comparisons per second, saying the system is ideally suited for transportation facilities and sports arenas, or for entrances where people normally pass through without stopping.

The Samsung cameras used in the system include day/night functionality, 16:9 full HD 1080p resolution, the company’s SSNRIII noise-reduction technology, and a wide dynamic range, the company says.

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