Bosch upgrades video-control system

February 11, 2009 -- The LTC 8900 series Allegiant system is now based on Windows XP.

February 11, 2009 -- Bosch Security Systems recently upgraded its LTC 8900 Series Allegiant Video Switcher/Control System with the introduction of a new PC platform that delivers high security, greater processing power, and enhanced reliability. The LTC 8900 Series Allegiant is now based on the Windows XP operating system for support of Microsoft's latest security features. The new PC platform also offers a solid-state hard drive, which provides greater reliability over magnetic hard drives. By upgrading to a solid-state hard drive, Bosch aims to better protect customers' investments in the Allegiant system.

The LTC 8900 Series Allegiant supports more than 6,000 camera inputs, 512 monitor outputs, and up to 120 keyboards to meet the requirements of a wide range of customer applications. The full-matrix switcher now offers greater processing power and can display video from any camera on any monitor connected to the system as well as provide pan/tilt/zoom camera capabilities.

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