Security pro takes issue with IP-vs-analog cost study

Operator of security-info website claims Axis paper makes flawed assumption, uses unrealistic cost models.

John Honovich, who operates the website IPVideoMarketInfo, posted on that site a rebuttal to the conclusions reached in a white paper recently published by Axis Communications. In that paper, Axis concluded based on a research project that for mid-sized applications IP surveillance systems are less costly than analog systems. (See our reporting on the Axis paper here.)

Honovich began his post by stating, "We disagree with Axis's claim that IP is lower cost than analog for 14 camera installations." He then put forth information to back up his stance. Crucial to Honovich's argument is that Axis's study is based on a site that currently has no surveillance system installed at all. "The clear majority of organizations buying surveillance systems today already have anlog cameras and cabling deployed," he explained. Much of this installed base can, and frequently is, reused.

Much of the rest of Honovich's post focuses on the costs listed in Axis's white paper, contrasted with costs he said more realistically reflect market prices.

The article prompted a flurry of comments. It was posted on December 15 and by mid-day on December 16 it had received 40 comments.

Read John Honovich's article here.

Download Axis's white paper here.

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