Contractor Report - Jul 21st, 2022
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July 21, 2022
Updates to the Schneider Electric University Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) qualification include fundamentals of power, cooling, racks, and physical security, and guidance on how best to optimize new data center designs.
The Ethernet Alliance has announced the election of its 2022 officers slate and board of directors. Cisco's Peter Jones and Amphenol's Chris Lyon return to their respective board chair and president seats.
In this video excerpt from the latest episode of "The Cabling Podcast," CommScope enterprise solutions architect Jason Bautista holds forth on an evergreen topic: When and why is shielded 6A necessary?
The ISE Expo 2022 sessions will cover a wide variety of ICT topics, ranging from the latest in PON technology; to pairing fiber to the home with fixed wireless access; to network maintenance; to the combination of 10G networking and edge compute.
Leviton has been awarded a 'Govies Government Security Award' by a judging panel from 'Security Today' magazine.
A July 28th CIM-hosted webinar sponsored by AEM, Chatsworth Products, EtherWAN, and Superior Essex. Join us for this educational session covering cable performance, testing parameters, power-delivery devices, and supporting equipment.
This webinar will provide detailed information on finding the route and depth of buried cables and then identifying the individual conductors of interest within them. It will refresh attendees’ knowledge of cable location and wire identification tasks.
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is a network technology with revolutionary potential for smart buildings. Based on IEEE’s xBASE-T1 technology, SPE uses a single twisted pair for data transmission and miniaturized connectors.
In a recent study by the Ethernet Alliance, four out of five PoE integrators and users reported problems. Understand the basics of PoE and what you need to know to effect a trouble-free installation.