Fiber Connection - Aug 23rd, 2022
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August 23, 2022
The fiber crunch is here, according to new research from market intelligence analyst Cru Group. According to Cru's analysis, prices for fiber have now reached their highest level since July 2019.
A new Light Brigade Training Academy opened this month in Dallas, Texas, the first of several new facilities the company plans to open across the U.S. focused on advanced fiber-optic skills training.
The Tellabs FlexAir platform integrates enterprise Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points and a cloud-based intelligent controller with passive optical LAN technology.
New standard will cover VCSEL-based duplex 100G-per-lane transmission over short reach (SR) distances of up to 100 m and very short reach (VR) requirements of up to 50 m on OM4 and OM5 multimode fiber.
When complete, the QLoop fiber network, comprising a 43-mile ring connecting Quantum's Frederick, Md. site and Ashburn, Virginia, will contain in excess of thirty, 2-inch HDPE conduits, placed at a depth designed to exceed security standards.
Wirewerks’ NextSTEP 3-Series module uses SN connectors and was developed for SFP-DD/QSFP-DD/OSFP breakout applications.
New technical documents from the Broadband Forum aim virtualization and use of software-defined access networks easier for broadband operators.
An August 23rd Cabling Installation & Maintenance and WaterWorld-hosted webinar sponsored by Corning. Learn about the guiding principles and considerations of fiber-optic network design as relates to smart water infrastructure.
In this panel discussion led by STL, attendees will also hear from UK-based Openreach and US-based industry body Fiber Broadband Association (FBA). These panelists will present a synthesis of the state of FTTH technology in their markets.
In this episode of The Cabling Podcast, CI&M sits down with Francois Menard, founder of PulR Technologies.
BICSI's CEO John Daniels talks education, networking, and added value.