Data Center News - Sep 13th, 2022
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September 13, 2022
The meet-me-room is not where data center managers exchange ideas, but rather, it’s the location in a multi-tenant data center where singlemode fiber typically is used to provide service to customer cages or racks.
The analyst for the telecommunications, networks and data center industries reports that global sales of data center switches grew in excess of 20 percent in 2Q 2022, driven in no small part by cloud service providers.
fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547 Realty), and Green Fig Land Company (GFLC) have acquired more than 100 acres of land in Pennsylvania to develop, build and invest in a data center project.
OIF said that during ECOC 2022 (Sept. 19-21) in Switzerland, a record number of companies will demonstrate interoperability in technologies including 400ZR; co-packaging architectures, CEI-112G and CEI-224G; and CMIS implementations.
The new External Laser Source Interconnect System (ELSIS) is a complete platform of cage, optical and electrical connectors with a pluggable module that uses proven co-packaged optics (CPO) technology to speed hyperscale data center deployments.
New partnership will enable new line-rate testing equipment for network equipment OEMs, cloud service providers, hyperscale data centers and manufacturers of optical and copper interconnects.
The RackChiller CDU800 is designed to consistently deliver liquid coolant to maximize cooling efficiency while reliably removing heat from sensitive equipment through a constant pumping and heat exchange cycle.
Field certification of cabling is not as straightforward as it once was. There are new testing parameters and newly adopted link models to consider, including those for DCRU, TCL, ELTCTL, MPTL, TDNEXT, TDRL and others.
We often hear about nefarious risks to our data center operations, but what about the accidental, obnoxious, and unintentional risks they face? This roundtable-style webinar, featuring experts from Belden’s Data Center Solutions business and its partners.
Stop guessing if it's working. Know with FiberLert. Quickly check fiber activity, polarity, and connectivity with FiberLert. Just place in front of the fiber end face or port and a light and tone indicate an active fiber (850 nm to 1625 nm) - no setup or interpretation required. This pocket-sized tool tests single-mode,...
BICSI's CEO John Daniels talks education, networking, and added value.