Contractor Report - Sep 22nd, 2022
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September 22, 2022
Manufacturing of the cord sets and made-to-stock products currently made in Waukegan will be moved to other Southwire plants.
By members of the CCCA’s New Technology and Trends CommitteeLocal area networks (LANs) have historically been designed in a way that ensures all end devices are within 100 meters (m) of a telecommunications room (TR) to comply with industry cabling standards. Now with the adoption of smart building technologies, more devices than ever are being connected...
$5.8 million grant will enable CWA District 9 to facilitate training for workers as fiber technicians, raise industry labor standards, and connect under-represented populations to high-quality job opportunities amid the state's broadband build-out.
A growing number of real estate developers, owners, and operators are embracing the concept of smart buildings to meet energy reduction goals, optimize operations, and enhanced occupant productivity, safety, security and wellbeing. Smart buildings are also being designed and deployed to meet nationally or globally recognized building rating systems...
With greater than 10,000 professionals and 400+ LEED and WELL staff accreditations, CBRE maintains the largest global network of professional commercial real estate project managers.
We often hear about nefarious risks to our data center operations, but what about the accidental, obnoxious, and unintentional risks they face? This roundtable-style webinar, featuring experts from Belden’s Data Center Solutions business and its partners.
In this webcast seminar, technical experts from Tellabs, Oberon, a division of Chatsworth Products, and CommScope will provide detailed information on multiple options available to modernize these networks.
During this webinar, attendees will learn how to design and install a flexible and scalable media distribution system. Getting the system up and running is one aspect, but attendees will also learn how to install a system that can be managed remotely.
In this webinar, we'll discuss how a fiber-based IT network can cost effectively reduce the net carbon footprint of a building. The presentation will share real-world use cases about how such benefits are being realized.