Fiber Connection - Sep 27th, 2022
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September 27, 2022
You know you're going to end up paying one way or another. Read this article to find out what the author has seen over 40 years of fiber-optic design, installation, training, and ... disasters.
Expected to open in 2024, the Gilbert, Ariz. plant is being constructed based on Corning’s supplier relationship with AT&T.
Belden says its Q3 2022 new product launches support automation and security networks. Highlights include the new OpEdge-8D Industrial Edge Gateway Device and an enhanced grade of DataTuff fiber-optic cables.
Light Brigade’s instructor-led fiber-optic skills training and fiber-optic tooling and product distribution capabilities are now expanded with the addition of air blown fiber (ABF) training, equipment, and field support services for the FTTx market.
Not only has Verizon deployed fiber that now serves nearly 48% of its cell sites, but the company further announced that it is significantly increasing the capacity that its fiber network can manage.
The inspection system’s second generation offers a larger touch screen, along with zoom-and-capture capabilities of fiber endfaces.
CommScope has launched its Coexistence product line to maximize GPON fiber networks. The company says its CEx passive optical modules enable operators to add next generation PON services over existing fiber infrastructure.
Stop guessing if it's working. Know with FiberLert. Quickly check fiber activity, polarity, and connectivity with FiberLert. Just place in front of the fiber end face or port and a light and tone indicate an active fiber (850 nm to 1625 nm) - no setup or interpretation required. This pocket-sized tool tests single-mode,...
The growth of cloud infrastructures and cloud services is driving the need for faster networks. As data centers migrate to 100 Gb servers, IT teams are taking new approaches to switching and cabling. Multimode optical fiber is well suited for short-reach data center applications, while singlemode is ideal for longer links. Devices like QSFP-DD and ...
Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022Time: 1:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM CT / 10:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT Sponsor: LegrandDuration: 1 hourRegister Today!Already registered? Click here to log in. BICSI CEC recognized* Webcast Description:Fiber-optic connectivity is finally evolving to support both higher bandwidth and higher density, while maintaining administration...
In this webinar, we'll discuss how a fiber-based IT network can cost effectively reduce the net carbon footprint of a building. The presentation will share real-world use cases about how such benefits are being realized.