Fiber Connection - Oct 25th, 2022
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October 25, 2022
Terms were not disclosed; the deal will end months of patent-infringement proceedings between the companies and involving the U.S. International Trade Commission.
The Pro360 Touchless Cleaner features a handheld dispensing wand that delivers atomized, high-purity cleaning fluid.
STL's Multiverse achieves 4X transmission capacity per fiber, the company said as it launched the product in India.
Below the "clouds" -- in both cyber- and ordinary "meatspace" -- often loom stupendous mountains of "cablefail." Intrepid information and communication technology (ICT) professionals labor in that steep terrain daily.
EXFO equipment is being placed at strategic locations across Gigaclear's network.
NTT demonstrated the transmission and reception of digital coherent optical signals exceeding 2 Tbits/s per wavelength and succeeded in a 240-km optical amplification repeater transmission experiment of an optical signal of 2.02 Tbits/sec.
After the initial OpTIC Path pilot program launched this past March, Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) in Louisiana and Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) have announced plans to offer the Fiber Broadband Association's flagship course.
Finding the route and depth of buried cables or identifying individual wires from a bundle is a necessary task for technicians to keep the world connected. Proper detection techniques and tools differ depending on the task. This Executive Summary will walk you through the basic science behind electrostatic location for wire identification and elect...
Optical communications and networking technology experts from Legrand will discuss a new Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) solution, and its tremendous benefits to data infrastructure.