Executive Video - Oct 26th, 2022
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October 26, 2022
AEM Precision Cable Test’s Lisa Schwartz describes the multi-faceted capabilities of TestPro. The test instrument was honored in the 2022 Cabling Innovators Awards program for its ability to provide installation-to-implementation support for a cabling system. Watch Lisa describe what that means and why it translates to efficiency for an installer and a network owner.
Watch George McDowell demonstrate RETYZ, a cable-management tool that might look like a cable tie, but is so much more. George tells the story of the product’s development to solve a particular challenge for an aerospace company, and demonstrates how that problem-solving capability can benefit any installed cabling plant.
SENKO Advanced Components’ Chris Tutt explains some benefits of the SN connector, which uses the LC ferrule in a very small form factor (VSFF) design. The connector simplifies networks by reducing the number of components in them. And it plays a role in sustainability by helping reduce the network’s power requirements.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Andrew Degidio takes us on a tour of the Q502-S, an active-clad alignment fusion splicer that offers light weight and portability for uses in environments such as fiber-to-the-home. Learn how the splicer incorporates AI technology to combat some common mishaps in the fusion splicing process, and why its SumiCloud support application puts splicing technicians in great hands.