Executive Video - Oct 27th, 2022
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October 27, 2022
EXFO’s Vincent Racine discusses the fundamental role that MPO connectivity plays in network densification. The rise in popularity of MPO connectivity has brought to light certain challenges in the field, including some related to testing and polarity. Racine describes the practicalities of meeting these challenges in the field using test equipment.
Two systems from Corning bring efficiency to the deployment of fiber-optic cabling in the field. EDGE Rapid Connect is a preconnected high-density system that can reduce installation time by as much as 70%, and can be used for inside-plant or outside-plant applications. The Pigtailed Splice Cassette with MIC 250 2.0 Cable featured loose-tube cable, which saves installers 77% of cable-prep time when compared to tight-buffered cable.
Fluke Networks’ FiberLert senses light on a fiber and produces both a flashing light and a beep to indicate the fiber is live. Watch a demonstration of this handy product and get an explanation of who can benefit from its capabilities.