Contractor Report - Jan 19th, 2023
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January 19, 2023
The fourth Industrial Revolution is about connecting people, information, and processes. As such, it has the potential to radically alter not just the business of manufacturing, but how enterprises of all kinds operate.
New company division will specialize in the installation of structured network cabling and fiber optics systems, as well as voice over IP services and commercial video surveillance and access control.
According to the Fiber Broadband Association's 2022 Fiber Provider Survey as conducted by third-party research firm RVA, there are now a total of 68 million fiber broadband passings in the U.S., up 13%year over year, and up 27% over the past 24 months.
Pure Fi had expanded its active cptical cables (AOC) offering with its new 40 Gbps USB-C cable line.
The company says its new SPE industrial connectivity line "creates the foundation for real-time communications between all devices on the network, the enterprise backbone and the cloud to improve process efficiency and reduce operational costs."
This seminar will discuss the options available and pending for new multi-fiber connectors, their intended applications, and use cases, along with practical considerations for design and planning.
Discover how phasing out cassette-based cabling solutions is key to better optical performance, increased scalability and lower costs.
Two systems from Corning bring efficiency to the deployment of fiber-optic cabling in the field. EDGE Rapid Connect is a preconnected high-density system that can reduce installation time by as much as 70%, and can be used for inside-plant or outside-plant applications. The Pigtailed Splice Cassette with MIC 250 2.0 Cable featured loose-tube cable,...
Tenant connectivity demands are increasing, driven by the hybrid office, IoT, smart building applications, and wireless applications. This, in turn, is putting more focus on network infrastructure and bandwidth capacity.