Data Center News - Jan 31st, 2023
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January 31, 2023
EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure (Denver) has this month broken ground in Santa Clara, California on the first of two strategically-located, sustainably designed data centers.
New purpose-built dense network infrastructure from SummitIG will enable the region's growing data center and hyperscale cloud market.
DataVerge, owner and operator of a select carrier-neutral interconnection facility in Brooklyn and a trusted partner to carriers, network operators and enterprise IT in the New York City region, has announced a partnership with Lightpath.
The partners contend that physical layer automation fortified with diagnostic capabilities transforms network management, enabling seamless and efficient operations.
OIF reports that more than 30 global companies will participate in this year’s optical networking interoperability demo in four technology areas including: 400ZR; co-packaging architectures, CEI-112G and CEI-224G; and CMIS implementations.
Teledyne LeCroy's SierraNet M1288 system now supports 100GE-800GbE 802.3ck PAM4 Ethernet specification test.
This month's Cabling Podcast brings you an in-depth, 2-part interview with Dr. Curtis Knittle, Vice President of Wired Technologies at CableLabs.
With digital modernization in full swing, learn how physical infrastructure, the data center, and the interconnectivity requirements are keeping up with new market demands and how connectivity impacts the new cloud and data center balance.
When it comes to finding practical ways to improve energy efficiency in the data center, the heat is on… and rising.
In recent times across North America, there has been an imperative to improve the signaling for public safety radio communications in buildings. Even still, often in certain areas of large buildings, public safety radios do not work. What does that mean?
For data center operators and enterprise network administrators, edge facilities are becoming more prevalent and increasingly important. Deploying and maintaining an edge data center requires specific focus on both communications infrastructure as well as the equipment that houses and protects that infrastructure. Add to the mix that the term “edge...