Data Center News - Mar 14th, 2023
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March 14, 2023
ColorChip contends that, with data centers, carriers, and MSOs rapidly migrating to 800 Gbps and 1.6 Tbps capability, cost-effective, low power, and reliable connectivity solutions are an absolute requirement.
Extending the multi-source pluggable optics ecosystem for 1.6Tbps mainstream adoption, Marvell's breakthrough 200 Gbps per lambda DSP doubles the bandwidth of optical modules and enables cloud-optimized 51.2 Tbps networking architectures in a 1RU chassis.
At OFC 2023 (March 7-9) in San Diego, Viavi Solutions unveiled its new High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) testing platform; the company also announced that it has introduced 800G ETC support in its latest software release.
POINTek says its new Low Profile AAWG brick product exhibits an 8 mm vertical height which can be successfully mounted into a low profile AAWG module package with 1/2 inch in total height.
New specification will leverage the industry’s focus on next generation systems that will utilize 200 Gbps serial PAM4 SerDes technology currently under development.
Multi-vendor OFCnet demonstration displays 100ZR QSFP28 coherent pluggable operating over a metro ring network for the first time. Coherent 100ZR enables operators to cost-efficiently scale their edge aggregation networks to 100G.
A former Oracle executive, Mark Sanchez joins Scala at a moment of strong growth for the company, bringing an expertise of more than 20 years in the implementation of mission-critical infrastructure worldwide.
In recent times across North America, there has been an imperative to improve the signaling for public safety radio communications in buildings. Even still, often in certain areas of large buildings, public safety radios do not work. What does that mean?
When it comes to hosting your company’s IT infrastructure and data in a colocation or multi-tenant facility, the laundry list of questions to ask yourself—and your prospective provider—is rife with what-if’s.
Corning will explain the key considerations municipal network operators should keep in mind as they plan to upgrade their critical infrastructure, as well as best practices for ensuring that their network provides value long term to their community.
For data center operators and enterprise network administrators, edge facilities are becoming more prevalent and increasingly important. Deploying and maintaining an edge data center requires specific focus on both communications infrastructure as well as the equipment that houses and protects that infrastructure. Add to the mix that the term “edge...