Fiber Connection - Mar 28th, 2023
The latest news about fiber connectors, 1.6-Terabit activity, data center installs and more
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March 28, 2023
The company has also licensed the TMT ferrule, and will leverage its precision manufacturing capabilities to produce these fiber-optic components.
New Fujikura fusion splicing accessories now available from AFL include the FSR-115, FSR-116 and FSR-117 optical fiber recoaters, and the CT-114, CT-115 and CT-116 fiber cleavers.
Pre-engineered data center connectivity platform helps meet demand for information processing in the cloud, simplifying installation, lowering overall costs, and reducing carbon footprint.
Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) VP of research and workforce development, Deborah Kish, has been appointed to the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP) Advisory Committee.
For devices like splitters, reliability is paramount. And modest cost savings up front can turn into monumental costs down the road.
New specification will leverage the industry’s focus on next generation systems that will utilize 200 Gbps serial PAM4 SerDes technology currently under development.
At OFC 2023, OFS announced that it has joined the Terabit BiDi Multi-Source Agreement group. Dual wavelength bidirectional technology per the MSA provides a cost-effective means for implementing terabit short-reach MMF applications in data centers.
Dell'Oro Group found that spending on PON equipment continued to fuel the overall market, with revenue for PON OLTs and ONTs reaching $11.7 billion for the year.
NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association asks Congress to codify a minimum service level commitment of 100 Mbps symmetrical broadband service for any funding applicant for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ReConnect program.
Corning will explain the key considerations municipal network operators should keep in mind as they plan to upgrade their critical infrastructure, as well as best practices for ensuring that their network provides value long term to their community.
For data center operators and enterprise network administrators, edge facilities are becoming more prevalent and increasingly important. Deploying and maintaining an edge data center requires specific focus on both communications infrastructure as well as the equipment that houses and protects that infrastructure. Add to the mix that the term “edge...
When designing secure networks for the federal government, there are several considerations that should be accounted for outside of those provided in our LAN design checklist, though that is a good place to start.
New technologies are making greater demands of the IT infrastructure of healthcare facilities. A fundamental challenge for any healthcare IT team is ensuring the network has the capacity to cope with future demand, without letting costs spiral.