Data Center News - Apr 11th, 2023
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April 11, 2023
The OIF has launched its 3.2T Co-Packaged Module Implementation Agreement. The optical communications industry's first co-packaging standard is also OIF's first project under the umbrella of the Co-packaging Framework Document.
The Cabling Podcast sits down with Josh Snowhorn, founder and CEO at Quantum Loophole, an operator of data center campuses in the gigawatt scale.
While global capex is expected to shrink this year - and over the next few years in North America - overall equipment sales are still on track to climb slightly, indicated the analyst for the the telecom, security, networks, and data center industries.
Dell'Oro Group's Lucas Beran says Schneider Electric and Vertiv are "set to battle" for market share leadership in 2023 in the Data Center Physical Infrastructure (DCPI) market. Higher ASPs pushed the market up 10% in 2022, finds the analyst.
Now shipping and made in the USA, VMP says its easily adjustable, 18-in. ER-LIGHT-118 is designed to illuminate cabinet space at nearly any angle while taking up minimal space.
Roy Hunn, VP of operations, is set to retire in June after 45 years with the company.
SEEQC has introduced its first fully digital chips, a breakthrough technology capable of running all core qubit controller functions of a quantum computer.
AEM Precision Cable Test and CommScope experts will peel back layers of building intelligence and sustainability to provide an in-depth examination of the practical measures ICT professionals must take to maximize such factors within smart buildings.
Building and managing a fiber-optic network for a data center requires careful consideration of the network’s performance requirements, physical footprint, and anticipated expansion. Changes can happen quickly in data center networks, and the technologies supporting these systems can also evolve rapidly. Remaining aware of the latest available syst...
A tour of Chatsworth Products’ booth at BICSI’s 2023 Winter Exhibition highlights the company’s products and technologies for data center and enterprise applications. Featuring the company’s power and electronics products, its RMR and other enclosure systems, and its Oberon wireless product set, this video gives a taste of CPI’s broad and highly ca...
For data center operators and enterprise network administrators, edge facilities are becoming more prevalent and increasingly important. Deploying and maintaining an edge data center requires specific focus on both communications infrastructure as well as the equipment that houses and protects that infrastructure. Add to the mix that the term “edge...