Data Center News - Jun 13th, 2023
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June 13, 2023
Attendees of these BICSI-qualified sessions must attend the live broadcast in its entirety. Partial viewing of the live broadcast, or viewing a session on-demand, does not qualify for a CEC from BICSI.
According to Dell’Oro Group, higher prices and backlog release dynamics catapulted data center switch sales to a new record level in 1Q 2023, with top vendors Arista and Nvidia reportedly outperforming the market significantly.
For the Data Center Summit online event, Gary Bernstein of Siemon and Salman Zahid of Arista will present a seminar entitled, "Network, Cabling, and Optics Upgrades for 25g/100g, and 400g Networks in Enterprise Data Centers."
The addition of new and unique fiber routes and conduits being deployed by Bandwidth IG will provide EdgeCore's wholesale data center customers with diverse connectivity options.
Chatsworth's flagship ZetaFrame Cabinet System has been specially outfitted with dielectric liquid cooling technology from ZutaCore, whose HyperCool platform uses a two-phase, waterless, direct-on-chip method of removing heat away from processors.
Located among prominent Tech Companies in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, Novva Tahoe Reno is Novva Data Centers' fourth facility boast to the company’s sustainable designs.
Edgecore Networks has launched its EPS120 Series of high-performance Gigabit Ethernet enterprise switches. The company says the new range of 1G open switches scales across enterprise and campus access networking deployment scenarios.
The seminar describes the user needs and information-consumption habits that have resulted in network devices demanding high power levels as well as high-speed data throughput. It outlines technologies, products, and systems that meet these needs.
This webinar, delivered by technical experts from SnapOne, describes how to design and install a flexible and scalable video distribution system.
Learn how data centers and OEMs can optimize manufacturing operations and meet modern connectivity demands with effective custom manufacturing solutions to overcome challenges and gain a competitive edge.
Building and managing a fiber-optic network for a data center requires careful consideration of the network’s performance requirements, physical footprint, and anticipated expansion. Changes can happen quickly in data center networks, and the technologies supporting these systems can also evolve rapidly. Remaining aware of the latest available systems...