Contractor Report - Jun 15th, 2023
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June 15, 2023
By Patrick McLaughlinAfter a tumultuous year during which the information and communications technology (ICT) workforce appeared to be spasming in the midst of Covid-era employment conditions and a spate of retirements, the results of our most recent compensation survey among ICT workers indicate a return to normalcy. Of course, in 2023 to describe...
AGILE-CORE, from Sinclair Digital, suits warehouses, big box stores, and other large building types.
The Alaskan broadband operator's recent training event for technicians in rural Alaska covered HVAC and DC power systems, copper wire telecommunications network infrastructure, ladder handling, hypothermia prevention, and more.
Updates to the WiredScore and SmartScore smart buildings certifications will place landlords, developers, WiredScore Accredited Professionals and others at the forefront of digital connectivity and smart technology in the built environment.
TR-489 “Authentication of an ONU and selection of eOMCI or vOMCI” will offer system integrators, network operators, and equipment manufacturers a clear framework to accelerate fiber to the premises (FTTP) and related deployments.
The seminar describes the user needs and information-consumption habits that have resulted in network devices demanding high power levels as well as high-speed data throughput. It outlines technologies, products, and systems that meet these needs.
This webinar, delivered by technical experts from SnapOne, describes how to design and install a flexible and scalable video distribution system.
Learn more in the Building Edge Infrastructure: Re-thinking how networks can support the hyperconnected building white paper.
As businesses deploy more Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity to support users and devices, they’ll need to ensure wireless access points (APs) meet requirements for coverage, security and more. Read the white paper to learn how the right gear leads to results.