Contractor Report - Jul 20th, 2023
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July 20, 2023
The service, called REVUP, analyzes products, services, and back-end processes before creating a growth plan. For many integrators, that plan includes managed services.
TechLogix portfolio now includes 8K HDMI cables with detachable heads.
The new fiber splicing tool will offer customers new features to improve the fiber installation process.
BICSI, TIA, the NEC … there’s something for everyone in our Summer 2023 standards quiz.
Softing says its CableMaster 210 is unlike other low-cost pocket-sized cable testers because it doesn’t look ‘like a science project.’
Fiber infrastructures have long carried our communications. Fiber variations over the years have included some performance improvements, parallel processing capabilities, and signaling, but real innovation surrounding deployment and automation can be game changers for companies with complex fiber infrastructures and those that want rapid deployment...
This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, provides an overview of recently updated TIA and ISO cabling standards for both copper and fiber cabling.
Fluke Networks’ FiberLert senses light on a fiber and produces both a flashing light and a beep to indicate the fiber is live. Watch a demonstration of this handy product and get an explanation of who can benefit from its capabilities.
EXFO’s Vincent Racine discusses the fundamental role that MPO connectivity plays in network densification. The rise in popularity of MPO connectivity has brought to light certain challenges in the field, including some related to testing and polarity. Racine describes the practicalities of meeting these challenges in the field using test equipment....