Data Center News - Aug 8th, 2023
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August 8, 2023
Eaton says the 6 kVA rating makes its 9PX uninterruptible power supply ideal for edge deployments.
The research firm notes that this is the third successive quarter in which the cloud market has grown by $10 billion from 2022.
New analysis from Cushman & Wakefield suggests that while energy prices can and do impact the data center market, lease rates for both hyperscale and wholesale data center space are also being affected by rising inflation.
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Scholarships, which cover up to 93% of training and certification fees for data center credential programs, are offered to students, recent grads, unemployed workers, and job switchers.
Fiber Instrument Sales cassettes accept 12 SC or 24 LC fiber connections.
One-hour session will address very small form factor connectors, designing adaptable networks, and essential test tools for high-speed data centers.
Phil Fischer, Business Development Director at Black & Veatch, explains why you should consider a private fiber network, and he provides tips on how to implement one for your data center.
From the engineering to IT, to the facilities management to the end user experience, EDGE8® is the future of data centers. Enjoy the future-forward Base-8 design, expanded portfolio of specialty modules for enhanced security and networking, all scaled off
Large and hyperscale data center operators are seeing utility in Data Center Interconnect (DCI) to expand their layer two or local area networks across data centers. But the methods for DCI are changing. The emergence of Multisource Agreement (MSA) for 800G and 1.6T transceivers will require data center providers to adopt new connectors and lane counts...
This article will discuss MTP®/MPO connectivity and how a new connector technology, the Fast Track MTP, is being used to solve data center needs. Observation: Two technicians could patch 6,912f (2 x 3456 cables) in one OPE over the course of 8 hours. Thus