Fiber Connection - Aug 22nd, 2023
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August 22, 2023
OFS’s EZ-Bend Fast Wrap Solution replaces 6 cable lengths and an enclosure with a single part, and bend-tolerant fiber that can wrap around a house.
R&M’s LC duplex MPO, and SC connectors can be used in industrial, cellular, and outdoor applications.
QuickCleans can be used for wet or dry cleaning 100 times before disposal.
Fiber Instrument Sales cassettes accept 12 SC or 24 LC fiber connections.
Video shows crew hopping on and off the train as it slowly digs a trench and lays duct.
Through Sonoco’s EcoReel Recycling Program, AFL customers can have their used reels picked up for reuse and recycling.
Learn why fiber optic manufacturers’ training is a key part of developing a strong fiber tech workforce.
The four-year expansion will significantly increase the capacity to produce cable specifically designed for rural FTTH deployments.
As global digitization continues to expand, data centers that are at the core of every organization’s critical operations are demanding ever-increasing bandwidth.
As white space infrastructure becomes more complex to manage through traditional methods, data centers must look for new and innovative solutions to manage this complexity and ensure the reliability and scalability of their networks.