Data Center News - Aug 24th, 2023
Data center technology and business updates for ICT pros
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August 24, 2023
Planned projects combining data centers and on-site energy reflect an ongoing trend of data center investment moving to meet global green imperatives for decarbonization and sustainability via use of clean energy technologies.
No, we don’t all operate hyperscale data centers. But we can learn some lessons from the way hyperscales operate their facilities. This think-piece from ICT and data center industry luminary Carrie Goetz examines.
CI&M sat down for a talk with ICT and Ethernet technology pioneers George Zimmermann and John'D Ambrosia.
According to Dell'Oro Group, liquid cooling revenues will surpass $5 billion over the next five years.
Artificial intelligence isn’t likely to replace the jobs of cabling-system designers and installers. But it could help map out optimum cable routes, and undoubtedly will mean more bits and bytes flying through data centers.
Many data center operators are ditching “security by obscurity” and adding signage, logos and branding to their buildings. This shift reflects the benefits of campuses as well as a growing focus on community engagement and brand awareness.
New product family including wall-mounted and standalone cabinets becomes part of the R&Mfreenet system.